stethoscopeInternal Medicine

We diagnose, treat and manage all medical diseases ranging from endocrinology to infectious diseases, autoimmune to behavioral. Our vast experience in handling difficult and challenging cases has earned us the trust of our clients with very sick pets.


We perform many types of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries using the latest advances in veterinary surgical techniques, as well as state-of-the-art surgical monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of all pets. This includes routine spay and neuter surgery as well as mass/tumor removal, cystotomy, biopsy, laceration/wound repair, and many other procedures your pet may need.

vaccinationsVaccinations and Wellness Care

We strongly recommend twice a year exams, and occasionally more often for pets that are geriatric or have an on going illness. A lot of diseases can be prevented by early intervention thereby reducing cost and improving the overall quality of life of your pet. Our Well Pet Plans allow for affordable and convenient preventive care. please view our well pet plan section for more information.


The veterinarian will check your pet’s teeth and gums for periodontal disease, masses, or other problems of the oral cavity at every visit. We will make recommendations about professional dental cleanings/periodontal treatments as needed.

emergencyEmergency Care

We provide emergency services for patients, old and new during our regular business hours. We recommend calling first in the event of an emergency so we can prepare for your arrival to our office. After our normal business hours, we do not provide emergency care at Bartram Park Animal Hospital. Instead, we recommend that you contact our after hour emergency referral clinic at 904-264-8281.


Sometimes x-ray technology is an essential component in the diagnosis of a pet’s health condition. We are able to take radiographic images of nearly any part of the body, including chest, abdomen and extremities. Radiography can help us diagnose or rule out a number of health issues.

vetstemStem Cell Therapy

We are a credentialed center for stem cell therapy (vet – stem)

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